what to expect


We put a great emphasis on musical worship in our services here at Desperation Church. We believe that God made us to worship and He created music so that it reaches into the heart and soul of people unlike anything else. Therefore, it is woven throughout everything we do. Worship is our opportunity to reflect God's love back at Him while allowing our hearts to be shaped the way that He wants them to be. It's always an intimate time, led by our passionate worship team.

Our church is made of people who have come from a variety of denominations and church backgrounds. We believe worship is active, not passive, and invite others to express their worship freely during our services.


We teach through the Bible with it's original context and meaning as our starting point. Sometimes we'll teach through a book verse-by-verse, exegetically. Other times we'll center on a theme and dig deeper using a series. We've explored the story of scripture chronologically to learn how major events fit together to tell God's story. Once we spent an entire summer digging into spiritual disciplines. Our goal is to breathe life into the people, places, and stories of scripture and to always provide practical application of God’s Word to our lives today. You won’t hear any weird doctrines, just biblical truths that are relevant. Our desire is that God would touch your life during this time.

We believe every moment we gather together becomes sacred. There are things that happen in the room each week that can't be reproduced through a recording or video. However, if you'd like to get a taste of our weekly teaching, a selection of our recent sermons are available here.


The Arts are an important part of our church community. The first thing we have record of God doing in Genesis is creating. Creative expression in all forms is a valuable part of our worship experience. For example, most weekends you'll see a painter or artist on stage during the sermon, offering a visual interpretation of what God is doing in them through His word. We believe all people have been blessed by creativity in worship and can learn more about God and His nature when they engage in the process of creating.

We also provide opportunities for experiential worship in our services. These are times where we reflect and respond to the things we see and hear as a part of worship. This may include writing, visiting various stations around the worship center, or similar modes of expression. These are invitations to engage the Lord, but no one is ever obligated to do so.


We enjoy a casual, relaxed environment; come dressed as you are… seriously!

We are a community of people who love God and each other and are willing to make the effort to BE REAL.

We offer excellent ministries for infants and toddlers as well as an exciting Kid's Church for older children. We believe that worship is important for all ages, therefore, older children will join us for worship, and then be dismissed to Kid's Church.

We also have a nursing mother's room at the back of the worship center available for those with infants.

Fresh coffee and tea, as well as a few other beverages are available in our DC Coffee Bar before services with all profits benefitting missions. 

Fun is a major part of everything that happens here.

If you have questions about our weekend service, contact us