Missions is a huge component of everything we do at Desperation Church.

Whether it's local, regional, national or international, our heart is to train, mobilize and equip people to preach the message of Jesus with their lives by serving the practical needs of others.

Our Mission & Outreach Team (MOT) helps us "love God and love one another, together" through:

  1. Supporting our missionaries
  2. Creating missions opportunities for DC members
  3. Facilitating local outreach

The values of the Mission & Outreach Team:

  1. To be a Spirit-led, cloaked in prayer, ministry
  2. To be sensitive to His leading, the strengths of DC, and the needs of our community and world
  3. To be a participatory and communal decision-making group
  4. To be simultaneously fluid and organized
  5. To be a team that embraces creativity
  6. To be committed to achieving the goals the team sets

If you would like to get involved, have a ministry opportunity for our team or would like to help support our missions and outreach iniatives, please email

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What Is D.C.W.O.W.?...Desperation Church With Out Walls.

D.C.W.O.W. is our unique spin on ministry that exists to provide opportunities for the entire Desperation Church family to show the love of God to the local community in tangible, practical ways.

Desperation Church goes into the community with the express purpose of living out the overall mission of our church: "Loving God and Loving One Another, Together". Our hearts are desperate to see those in our community get a whole new perspective of Jesus Christ and His followers.

We are committed to seeing the walls of our church extend to the four corners of our city and beyond. Understanding this world will only know we are ‘Christians’ by our love for one another, we are inspired to use the gifts, talents and resources we have to serve. We believe this is worship and the best way to put our deep love for God and His passion for creation on display.

These opportunities are open to anyone. If you'd like to join us, you’ll want to sign up for DC's weekly email update so you can stay informed.

  • If you'd like to learn more or to be updated as opportunities happen
  • If you have a local need that needs an army
  • If you have opportunities for smaller groups
  • If you want to donate food, clothing, materials or funds to help meet the needs of others

Contact Pastor Jon dcwow@desperationchurch.org

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Local Outreach

Often, when churches talk about missions programs, exotic locations outside of the United States come to mind. At Desperation Church we believe that every ministry is called to be a part of the community it is placed in. As a result, we feel that "home" missions in Liberty, MO and the greater Kansas City, MO area are equally as important as serving others in faraway countries.


Our little free pantry started out as an idea with the Missions and Outreach Team. Now it has become a fixture in the community, serving needs that are often overlooked in our local neighborhood.

Recently, we were blessed with a large food donation from Northland Christian School which has helped us keep the pantry stocked each day (sometimes twice a day).

If you'd like to partner with us to sponsor a drive or would like more information,
send us an email


Love In the Name of Christ is a clearing house and used furniture ministry for those in need. It provides referrals to individuals that connect them with charities, churches and organizations that best meet their needs.

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Prescott outreach

Lee and Dana Trotter

Lee and Dana Trotter moved out of suburbia into the Prescott Community of Kansas City, KS. God was calling them to move to this urban community and work to develop activities and minister to the youth of the area. They started an after school program called La Paz House and a bicycle ministry, as well as tutoring, mentoring and working alongside Grandview Park Presbyterian Church to reach this neighborhood for Jesus.

Lee and Dana remain connected to our community and love to have DC folks come down to help out in anyway possible.

Connect with Lee and Dana:


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Jesus Is Alive Fellowship

Rey Descalzo

Senior Pastor and School Administrator

Comon, Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya (The Philippines)

We joyfully support Pastor Rey Descalzo. Pastor Rey, with his wife, Lina, and three adult children are pastoring a radical community of believers in the Philippines (specifically, Comon, Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya). More than merely pastoring one church, they also mentor numerous other pastors and hold regular pastoral seminars and conferences in order to build up and encourage those laboring for the cause of Christ. They also run a Christian kinder-school called Desperation Bible Academy and a young adult, one year, intensive ministry school called Desperation Bible Institute. They regularly hold outreach crusades, where they see multitudes of people, young and old, come to know Jesus in a personal way.

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David and Janice Ewing

Commission to Every Nation (CTEN) is an international missions organization who sends missionaries all over the world. Desperation Church is proud to support and work alongside David & Janice Ewing. The Ewings oversee all of the CTEN missionaries in the country of Guatemala. DC has been honored to partner with them on several short term mission trips and look forward to sending more teams in the future. The Ewings role as mentors include training, encouraging and working hand in hand with the men and women on the ground in Guatemala.

Connect with David and Janice Ewing:


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triumphant ministries

Rick and Angie Johnson

In 2011 Desperation Church was blessed to fund five wells that were placed in various villages throughout Cambodia. This was possible because of the partnership with Triumphant Ministries and Rick & Angie Johnson. Each well was accompanied by a plaque placed nearby that declares that Jesus Christ is the "Living Water" and that all who are thirsty can come to Him. Triumphant Ministries also works with women to teach them a skill, such as sewing so they can support themselves to get out of the bondages of human trafficking.

DC is humbled to help support this ministry.

Rick & Angie's ministry is 3-Fold…

  • Demonstrate
  • Develop
  • Distribute

Connect with  Rick & Angie Johnson and Triumphant Ministries www.triumphantministries.com