oaks of righteousness

Our mission is to help people understand and break the lies they believe about God, and retrain their mind, soul and body to know God for who He truly is. Through this revelation comes the ability to restore identity, break insecurities, spiritual bondages & addictions, and grow in our relationships with God, ourselves and others.

If you…

  • struggle in your relationships
  • have difficulty letting go of the past
  • feel angry at God or others
  • beat yourself up
  • grew up without a father or mother present in the home
  • feel stuck in a rut, spiritually or otherwise
  • feel unloved and/or unworthy
  • minister to others on a frequent basis
  • harbor unforgiveness, or simply don't know how to forgive
  • have a history of being abused, rejected or abandoned
  • feel trapped in addiction(s)
  • struggle with wounds or sins (yours or others) from the past
  • want to grow closer to God and experience more victory over sin in your life

...then Oaks of Righteousness, an intensive discipleship and inner healing class, may be for you.

They will be called oaks of righteousness,

a planting of the LORD for the display of his splendor.

- Isaiah 61:3

contact us at info@desperationchurch.org

or call the the office 816.792.8335 for more information.