connect groups

What Are Connect Groups?


In a world full of obligations and competing priorities, connecting with other people can be a challenge. Desperation Church is a community of weekend services and a variety of small groups throughout the week for community and discipleship. We call them “Connect Groups”.


At Desperation Church our Connect Groups can briefly be explained like this: :

Connect Groups center around the simple idea of getting people together.

  • We believe when people of God spend time with one another, He’ll do something good among them.

  • Close relationships form organically so we don’t try to force “intimacy” with others.

Different Connect Groups are available during each of 3 semesters that last for 12 weeks each..

  • This fits the natural rhythm of the school year.

  • Each semester offers new opportunities.

  • Once registration is closed, groups are locked in for that semester but sign ups for the next semester are always on the horizon.

  • At the end of each semester, members of Connect Groups have the opportunity to join new Connect Groups for the next semester.

Each Connect Group has a theme or concept based on interests.

  • This could be for an activity, a book study, ministry focus or a spiritual pursuit.

  • All of these are important and are connected to the shared walk of faith we have in Jesus Christ

Connect Groups are anything but “small”

  • We encourage leaders to grow them as big as their space and resources allow.

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connect group dates for 2019

Download the latest Connect Groups Catalog

The Fall 2019 Connect Groups Semester begins on the week of September 15th - 21st and ends on the week of December 1st - 7th. There are various days and times that each group meets.

Be sure to check out the catalog to find a group that fits your needs and your schedule.


Fun nights

During the school year, DC Fun Nights are a time where we gather to celebrate the end of a 6 week community group session and share dinner and our lives together. These are usually based on a theme, have some fun built into them and also serve to introduce the next batch of small group studies we have on the way.


When summer arrives, families head out on vacation and things get busy. We adjust to this season by taking a break from regular Wednesday night activities to offer a series of Wednesday events throughout the summer designed to promote fellowship among our community.

These include things like: cookouts, local service projects, skate nights, Christmas in July, group games, and other things designed to include the entire family.

The current calendar of Wednesday activities can be accessed by checking our EVENTS page or calling the office.